Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Final Get-Together

This semester has been an incredible experience for many of us. It is Montreal campus tradition to have one last get together with all of the students. It was decided that we would all meet up at Chez Cora for brunch. Genevieve, Stefi, Wesnide, and Jim Manson joined us; all people who have made our semester abroad a positive and memorable experience. 

Many of us ordered elaborate crepes. They were adorned with delicious fruit and chocolate sauces. 

I enjoyed a refreshing banana-strawberry smoothy. The meal was very enjoyable and was accompanied by laughter and excited conversation. Although the outing was really fun and relaxing in lite of our busy end-of year studies, it held a feeling akin to a last family reunion. 

I don't doubt that all of us will miss the other members of this “Montreal family” until we meet again.

Photos provided by Stefi Brazzeal

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