Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our International Potluck

On Friday, Champlain students organized and participated in an international potluck dinner. The event was organized by Kim Dall'Ava, a hospitality major. We all chose two dishes to prepare per apartment with the knowledge that it would be enjoyed by a culturally diverse group of people. Everyone's friends were invited and it was a very open event. Several Champlain students have international roommates and were encouraged to bring them along. The dinner had an impressive level of participation. We were joined by many international students and even some visitors from Burlington. There were students from France, Nepal, Tunisia, and other interesting places.

Having a good time with our international friends

The variety of food was incredible. There were many interesting dishes, some of them culturally specific, like vegetables in curry sauce. My apartment brought homemade chili and spaghetti in red sauce. 

A diverse variety of dishes

I was happy to learn that the chili was a new food experience for several of the international students. Overall, everyone enjoyed trying the different dishes and meeting new and interesting people.

Photos Courtesy of Kim Dall'Ava